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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dog DIY: Easy Box Braided Tug Toy

There is nothing I love more than combining by love of dogs, and my love of crafting. So today I’m giving you a simple DIY that you dog will love! I’m always in search of a cheap, sturdy toy that Carter will love, and today I think I found it. The toy is simple to make, and is inexpensive, and so far its held up to everything Carter has dished out.

All you need for this project is some fleece, or an old t-shirt will work, scissors and a ruler.
I bought my fleece at my local Joann Fabrics, luckily for me it was 40% off and I had an additional 20% off coupon, so all of the fabric was less than 8 dollars, and I will get a bunch of toys out of it.

Box Braid Tug Toy

4, 4”x48” Fleece Fabric Strips (I used a different color for each of the strips, but you can easily customize the toy how you want it to look)

Use the ruler to cut your strips of fabric into 4”x48” pieces.

Tie the four pieces in a knot at one end.

Lay the fabric down on the table, so the fabric falls in four different directions and looks like a t.

Fold the first vertical strand to the opposite side, creating a loop. Fold the opposing vertical strand to the opposite side, creating another loop.

With the other hand, weave a horizontal strand over the closest loop and under the next loop. Do the exact opposite with the last horizontal strand.

Pull the four strands tightly. (I like the pull the top left hand side strand, and the bottom right hand stand and vice versa, pull both of them extremely tight in order to keep you box uniform.)

Once you have about a foot of fleece left, knot the end of the toy.

Now your toy is ready for use!

This toy has been more durable than I ever imagined it would be. Carter and I have been tugging at the toy all night and its still exactly how it was when we started playing with it. My only suggestion is to make sure the two knots at the end are tight, as we tugged they seemed to slip out some until I took a moment to tighten it.

After a long tug session there is nothing Carter enjoys more than a nap!

Is there any DYI dog product that you would like to know how to make? Let us know if there is anything you want to see in the comments below.

Love and Paws,


  1. Love this!!! Thanks so much for posting. I've seen these for sale for $16 or more. It's a great use of fleece that I had with the intent of making a winter scarf (that never was made).

    1. Its a great way to use old t shirt scraps as well! Look for a new fleece DIY this week teaching you how to make a tug toy!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for sharing! Love the toy! Can't wait to try making one for our dog!
    Love your pictures! Carter is so cute!

  3. BEST instructions on how to make this dog!!!!!!!! Your instructions and pics explained this so easily!!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

  4. I threaded two strips through a tennis ball and made a ball on a rope. Worked great!

  5. I have made fourteen now and not one of them have been square. Could you please give me some ideas what I might be doing wrong. Thanks Carol

  6. I have made fourteen now and not one of them have been square. Could you please give me some ideas what I might be doing wrong. Thanks Carol

    1. I'm not sure what you are doing wrong, but my tip would be to make sure all of the strands are the same length, and make sure you don't over tighten them, that could deform your box.

  7. I am having the same problem with them not being square! It doesn't matter for my dogs, but I want them to look better for the ones I'm going to use as gifts. Hmpf. Wish I knew what I was doing wrong.

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